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Things not to do as a cab driver

On a recent cab ride back from downtown Chicago, a bunch of friends and I took a cab. So I compiled a list of things not to do:

1. Do not try to recruit people into voting in the Republican primaries, especially if they're your passengers.

2. Do not get upset if, after being told that you are driving college students in the city of Chicago, that they are liberal or anti-conservative and laugh at the radio ad about a cruise trip for conservatives.

3. Do not try to pass off some random conservative radio show as a show about "people, who if were put in charge of this country, would make our economy and our liberties better."

4. Do not just randomly mutter and whisper to yourself when passengers try to make small talk that might not be as funny as they imagine.

5. As the first thing you talk about, telling us how business is terrible doesn't set a very good mood.

Otherwise, good job on driving us back.