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So a bunch of school administrators acted like idiots...

And an 11 year old kid gets badly treated as a result. A kid brought in a motion detector for a science fair, and the genius vice principal of the middle school thought that it was a bomb. Nevermind that it was simply a bunch of wires, electronics, and an empty bottle of Gatorade (which is impossible to make a bomb out of), or that the kid was 11, or that there was no reason to call the cops and the fire department, but the school then has the gall to say that the kid did something wrong and recommend that he and his family get counseling, when it was entirely the mistake of the school for not being able to recognize that students at a science and technology magnet school might be making something with electronics at a school science fair. The vice principal should be fired, though that goes almost without saying. I feel sorry for the kid.