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Review: The Rocker

Did you like the movie School of Rock? If you did you'd probably see the resemblances to The Rocker. In it, Rainn Wilson plays an aging drummer who almost hit it big with an 80s rock group, but didn't. After living like a loser for 20 years, he's given the chance to play for his nephew's band, which becomes a viral sensation. With some nuance, that is the entire plot of The Rocker. There are a few moments worth watching, and the entire film gives you a feel good feeling, but it's at best worth watching only once.

The plot, while being somewhat predictable, is occasionally intriguing. Yes, the ups and downs of Wilson's character could almost be seen beforehand, but it is just different enough to keep you interested. The same goes for the ending. At best, the plot is somewhat above average, and ultimately seems to resolve with an "oh, that's cool" rather than any genuine excitement. What I'm trying to say is, the plot isn't the most interesting part of this movie.

Though the supporting actors and actresses do deserve some credit, ultimately this movie is redeemed by Wilson. Unfortunately, he is only partly successful, as the kind of crazy behavior he exhibits as Dwight Schrute on The Office is not quite as out of place as a crazy rock star. Of course, that being said he is still hilarious: almost all of the moments that make the film worth watching involve Wilson in some way, shape or form. Unfortunately he by himself could not save this film from simply being above average.

The Rocker would make a good film to catch lazily on a Sunday afternoon, or something you could borrow from a friend or the library. At best the film is only worth a brief rental. I guess the best way to say how I feel about The Rocker is that while I was entertained, I'm not going to remember much of it. You should watch it if you have the time, and if you don't, it's no big loss.