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Review: Dodgeball

This is going to be kept really short because almost all of you have watched this movie. If you haven't, then it's a bit late, but you should find it somewhere and watch it immediately. Go buy the DVD, it's been out for a while now.

The premise of Dodgeball is relatively simple if a bit contrived: the Average Joe's Gym, run by Vince Vaughan's character, has defaulted on its mortgage. It needs to find a way to raise $50,000 to pay it off or else the gym will be bought by their rival Globo-Gym. Those of you who see the eerie parallels to today's credit crisis clearly are facetious, as this film's situation is nothing like our modern financial times. In order to raise the money, Average Joe's fields a team to compete in a dodgeball tournament, the grand prize being, of course, $50,000.

The acting in this movie is great. The dialogue is hilarious and as a comedy the movie is almost unparalleled. Even after watching it multiple times I still found it funny. Granted, the more I watched it the more I found the plot to be contrived, but it doesn't really hurt the overall movie too much. It believe that we are far enough removed to consider Dodgeball a comedy classic.

So go buy the DVD of this movie today, or rent it, or at the very least watch it. I highly recommend it. It should come as no surprise, since it's such a good movie.