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Review: Avatar

So obviously this review is pretty late, and if you're like most people you've made up your mind about the movie and whether you're going to watch it, or if you've seen it already you've made up your opinion on the movie. Nonetheless, if you haven't because all the theaters had been sold out, then you must definitely go watch this movie. It is a great movie that will probably define a new era of film making.

Let us be clear, the plot for Avatar is pretty much the same as the plot for any other movie involving whites and foreigners: one white guy realizes his culture does bad things and ends up switching sides, "betraying" his own race and becoming the savior of the other one. This is of course, the same plot as any number of movies, ranging from Dances With Wolves to Pocahontas. It is not a unique or original plot. It is relatively well constructed, but you've seen this plot a million times. It's still a plot worth watching, however.

It is the visuals that separate this movie. The 3D experience makes all of the CGI looks as realistic as possible. I think the best compliment I can pay to Avatar is that none of the computer generated imagery looks out of place: everything looks entirely realistic. Moreover, the cast seems to be able to act with the CGI. Anyone who has seen the shaky acting in the Star Wars movies knows what usually happens with real life actors and computer generated sets. This is a very nice change.

Overall, Avatar is a movie more noteworthy for how they managed to make the movie so well produced. Enjoy it, because it is likely the future of movie making. If you haven't seen it already, make sure to go as soon as possible. With the film now having been out for so long, you have no excuse.