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Just a few minor quotes from my classes earlier this week

"It's incredibly hard to do algebra with 40 people staring at you." - TA for an ECON class I was auditing.

"They'd be interested in swine flu, or bird flu. Actually I guess not bird flu, because that's solved or something." -Harry Crane, statistics 23400 professor.

"Alright, that's all there is for today." "Wait, don't we have ten more minutes?" "Yeah, we're done for the day." - An exchange between Crane and another student.

"This quarter, compared to the last one, will be easy *makes airquotes*." - Francisco Gancedo, my math 20400 professor.

"Now who here doesn't know how to take the derivative of a function in one dimension? *Girl next to me raises hand*" - Exchange between Gancedo and another student, in a class where basic calculus is a prerequisite.