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First day of winter quarter...

And that means it's time to put my first resolution to the test. With that in mind, here are my classes for the quarter and my one line feelings about them:

1. MATH 20400 (Analysis in Rn-2): Oh boy, more math that I think I understand but that I really won't and will instead have to spend hours in the library studying. Crap.

2. ECON 20100 (Elements of Economic Analysis-2) Seriously? This better be harder than ECON 200, and I hope to God that I get a teacher that'll actually care.

3. HIST 13600 (America in World Civilization-2) Yay, readings and essays. I don't know how I'm going to pull out another A in this one.

4. STAT 23400 (Statistical Models and Methods) As long as I don't have two problem sets a week, I feel set.