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A Bunch of NES Games Played and Reviewed: Tecmo Bowl

This game is most notable for both being the first significant football game on the NES and also for Bo Jackson's utter dominance on offense. Both are equally important, but this game hasn't aged very well (as opposed to its sequel, Super Tecmo Bowl). The game is not as much fun to play as its sequel, it's incredibly difficult to play defense, and overall the game is only moderately enjoyable.

It is, however, an important part of any NES gamer's collection, granted that they cannot find a copy of Super Tecmo Bowl. Seriously, this game is not worth it compared to that one. The latter plays very similarly, except it's more realistic, features more teams, has a real full season, and keeps track of stats. It even has the ability to play in the preseason and the Superbowl directly since it's fully licensed. It might seem like an unfair criticism to make, but this is genuinely one of the cases where the game's sequel makes such a huge leap that even going back for nostalgia's sake is unnecessary for Tecmo Bowl.

It's a bit fun to play, but ultimately not worth firing up more than once. You can skip Tecmo Bowl and try to find a copy of Super Tecmo Bowl instead.

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