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So a few minor changes

1. I got rid of the ads, as what's the point in having them if nobody's reading?
2. I changed the template from a standard Blogger one to a new one.
3. I've revised the links on the side.
4. I've decided to relaunch the site with a new personal focus on my writings on January 1 of the new decade.
5. I will update more frequently, and over the next few days there might be some additional pages posted before the relaunch that will act as permanent pages. They will be linked to by the bar at the top.

Henceforward I'll put more effort into this website. It'll actually have regular, daily content (no matter how little) and it'll be somewhat interesting to read. Of course as it's not my day job, I really can't guarantee anything. But hey, if I can't even have one good thought a day, what's the point?