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Dungeons and Dragons Online

Finally got around to playing DnD online: possibly more thoughts on it later. However, my initial first impressions:

1. The game is decent, especially for a free game. There are areas of the game that have to be purchased (specific classes, races, some items) but they're mostly "hey that would be cool to have" stuff, not "goddammit they crippled the free version" stuff.

2. The graphics are good enough to draw the realism, but not so good that they would destroy my laptop, which is good.

3. Only 2 characters per server is a ridiculously low limitation.

4. I wish it were easier to organize skills and feats.

You should definitely give this game a go if you like DnD or MMO's, or both.


  1. Keep in mind that you aren't limited to just 2 characters, you just have to pay a one-time fee to increase the number of characters. If you decided to become a VIP player, you have the ability to create 10, I believe (as long as you are a VIP subscriber). Also, if you become a premium member (meaning you buy something), you get 4 character slots.


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