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Confusing conversations on Omegle

Chat #1:
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: tell me a joke
Stranger: ps
Stranger: :)
You: women's rights

Chat #2:
Stranger: i have a penis
You: okay
You: do you use it?
You: or is it cosmetic only?
Stranger: well i use it for peeing
You: so no then

Chat #3
Stranger: hey
You: hey
Stranger: how are you?
You: i'm good
You: what about you?
Stranger: great thanks =))
You: where're you from?
Stranger: from korea how about you?
You: i'm from the us
You: do you play starcraft?
Stranger: no, I dont like that
You: oh
Stranger: that's so bloody
You: i hear that game is popular in korea
You: are you sure you're from there?
Stranger: yes, popular but I don't play heh
You: oh okay
Stranger: rather chat on omegle
Stranger: and do you play it?
Stranger: is it popular either in US
You: yes
You: very popular
You: my friend plays for CJ Entus
Stranger: oh good
Stranger: i only know juggle
You: juggle?
Stranger: no, no jug
Stranger: is that right? it's charaters of starc
You: no idea