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Confusing conversations on Omegle

Chat #1:
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: tell me a joke
Stranger: ps
Stranger: :)
You: women's rights

Chat #2:
Stranger: i have a penis
You: okay
You: do you use it?
You: or is it cosmetic only?
Stranger: well i use it for peeing
You: so no then

Chat #3
Stranger: hey
You: hey
Stranger: how are you?
You: i'm good
You: what about you?
Stranger: great thanks =))
You: where're you from?
Stranger: from korea how about you?
You: i'm from the us
You: do you play starcraft?
Stranger: no, I dont like that
You: oh
Stranger: that's so bloody
You: i hear that game is popular in korea
You: are you sure you're from there?
Stranger: yes, popular but I don't play heh
You: oh okay
Stranger: rather chat on omegle
Stranger: and do you play it?
Stranger: is it popular either in US
You: yes
You: very popular
You: my friend plays for CJ Entus
Stranger: oh good
Stranger: i only know juggle
You: juggle?
Stranger: no, no jug
Stranger: is that right…

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Finally got around to playing DnD online: possibly more thoughts on it later. However, my initial first impressions:

1. The game is decent, especially for a free game. There are areas of the game that have to be purchased (specific classes, races, some items) but they're mostly "hey that would be cool to have" stuff, not "goddammit they crippled the free version" stuff.

2. The graphics are good enough to draw the realism, but not so good that they would destroy my laptop, which is good.

3. Only 2 characters per server is a ridiculously low limitation.

4. I wish it were easier to organize skills and feats.

You should definitely give this game a go if you like DnD or MMO's, or both.

Oklahoma: A poor failure of an educational system.

If you are a naturalized citizen you are more than 32 times more likely to be qualified to be a citizen than an Oklahoman high school student. Maybe we should require that students be able to pass the same civics test that those who want to be citizens do in order to drive and vote. That would at least increase this abysmal percentage.

A Bunch of NES Games Played and Reviewed: The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner

This game is fun, but without the 3D goggles it's pointless to enable the extra mode, unless you're on acid and want to see something cool.

This game is very average, so average in fact that you could play any flash game and get the same effect. For it's time, it's good, but otherwise it merely okay.

Past rating: 8/10
If you played it today: 5/10