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Introducing a new 758 part series: A Bunch of NES Games played and reviewed.

You're reading that correctly. During the course of the next few years, I will attempt to play through a collection of 758 NES games. They will be accompanied by screenshots and reviews as well as general commentary.

Now, playing through does not mean beating the entire game. It does mean, however, that I will give the games enough time to evaluate their true characters and then judge whether they are worth it or not. This should take about an hour each game.

Stay tuned!

Review: Better Off Ted

This is perhaps the funniest television sitcom that I have seen in a long time. Honestly, the highlight of the season was probably episode 4, and it hasn't been quite as good before or after, but the puns on this show are the best. The dialogue is fun and the fake commercials are very good mockeries of corporate America.

If this show can consistently be as good as it was earlier in the season, especially with episodes dealing with corporate America and not just the characters, it will be as good as Arrested Development. I have nothing further to say other than to recommend it wholeheartedly.


Review: The Philanthropist

If you make a television show centered around the crazy exploits of one person, but don't give him any special powers other than being rich, then those exploits have to be out of the ordinary but believable. The Philanthropist is not such a show. Despite being given a lenient artistic rein by claiming to have been "inspired" by a real life story rather than truly being one, The Philanthropist manages to destroy the suspension of disbelief too quickly for it to be likable.

This is no fault of the actors. The main character, Teddy Rist (portrayed by James Purefoy) is a well balanced character: he might be a bit too prone towards the emotional too quickly, but overall he is a good character. However, the situations he gets into are not so realistic. Yes, we understand that he is a playboy billionaire, but even playboy billionaires can't really buy their way through Burma and bully their way to see a leader under house arrest in that country. Moreover, his ability to magi…