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A Prediction

The Cleveland Cavaliers will win on Saturday night in Orlando by 1. There will be a Game 7.

Of course, I can't guarantee anything. In some sense this is wishful thinking. But if I'm right I've established my sage credentials. If I'm wrong the NBA loses.

The Worst 5 MLB teams in existence right now.

1. Washington Nationals - With only 11 wins and 26 losses, the Nationals own the worst record in baseball. They have no relief pitchers, meaning that even with their batters producing runs they'll always lose. Plus, it seems like their ownership doesn't even care about winning anyway, judging by their inability to find a working bullpen.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks - The Diamondbacks recently fired their manager. Being dead last in the NL West, a division that was known for being incredibly weak last year, means that they will basically be losing for the entirety of the rest of the year.

3. Oakland Athletics - When your team consists of aging stars, and you have the second worst record in the majors, maybe it's time to return to the strategy of signing undervalued players again instead of Jason Giambi.

4. Colorado Rockies - This team made the World Series not 3 years ago. Since then they've been on just the most epic of collapses. If they are even in contention for the playof…

Failure to Think

I used to think
that there was a God.
That lasted for 3 weeks.
It was some of the best 3 weeks of my life.

I used to study
on my own in a race against time.
I started skipping the chapters of life,
and as a result I've failed it.

I used to believe
that with enough words anything could change.
Then I ran into the walls of faith.

I live as a series of past mistakes
and future ones waiting to be made.
I doubt that much will change or will be learned.
If anything does, it will be hard to notice.

Where Did She Go? (Girl From a Dream)

[This is a work of poetry created by taking 1 line of lyrics from each song on the Red Hot Chili Peppers album Stadium Arcadium]

She's a runner, rebel and a stunner.
Step from the road to the sea to the sky,
Lay down, get kissed.

Smoke surrounds your perfect face.
It's not about the smile you wear,
It's in your bloodline.

No matter what they say,
It's forcing me so torture me, please.
Make me feel like I'm in love again - hey.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I've gotta megatropolis in my hand:
Everything inside of me.

My heart is hurting when I share.
Won't somebody come along?
I wanna leave but I just get stuck.

Some dreams were meant to be declined.

Now I find it hard to concentrate.
Won't you keep this in between us,
It looks to me like heaven.

And this is how the story goes.
I'd write it down and bend your ear,
It's better for you.

I gotta a feeling of worth.
Please don't turn away a friend.

Little lady hearts you're gonna break some,
Write a check out to forgiveness.


This is the first time in weeks...

That I feel that all of my work can be done in a timely manner. Tonight is the most important night: if I can pull it off, then the rest of the week is relatively free time to get to work on stuff I need to catch up on. Basically, tonight makes or breaks my week. What a Wednesday.

How to plan a schedule ineffectively

1. Make a schedule. This should include everything you have to do.
2. Organize that schedule based on time priority - tasks that are due more immediately ought to be farther ahead on the list.
3. Include everything that must be done that week.
4. Keep the schedule in a secure place.
5. Don't follow it at all.
6. Check at the end of the week to see how little you've followed.
7. Feel guilty.
8. Do as many of the things as you can on the schedule as quickly as you can.
9. Resolve to do better next time.
10. Go to step 1.

Don't deport this man

A man accused of being a death camp guard in the Holocaust is being deported to Germany to stand trial for 29,000 counts of accessory to murder. The evidence against him is pretty strong: identification that matches him exactly shows him as a guard at Sobibor, one of the Nazi death camps. The man, John Demjanjuk, was originally a soldier in the Soviet Army before being captured and eventually going to a camp where foreigners were trained to take part in the Holocaust.

Yes, it is almost certain that he is guilty, but Mr. Demjanjuk is too frail to stand trial in Germany. There are two better options, one being a trial in the United States, and another being testimony by the man before he dies. Both of those are likely to achieve something close to the same outcome as taking him to trial in Germany, but they are also more likely to finish while he's still alive. It's just a bad idea to send him halfway across the world to be a part of a trial that he will probably not live to see …

Scav Hunt

The University of Chicago's Scav Hunt is now well into its second day, and the sleep deprivation is getting to students. With this weekend relatively clear, the search for items will become intense. Among the items:

1. A really big rock.
2. A pregnancy test that turns out positive...for a guy.
3. A harpoon cannon that launches harpoons tipped with boxing gloves.
4. Many more.

This is probably the most fun you can have while making a fool out of yourself and doing the impossible.

Maine will be the next state to legalize same-sex marriage

Both the Maine House of Representatives and Senate have passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The Democratic Governor, who in the past has noted his intent to veto the bill, says he is keeping an open mind. It is very likely that he will in fact either not act on the bill or just let it pass. The only possible hitch: Maine has a people's veto, so it's possible that opponents of gay marriage will gather signatures to suspend the law.

Here's hoping that doesn't happen and that the bill does pass. Here's a fun quote from the NYTimes article:“As a member of this legislative body ethically it is my duty, my responsibility, to publicly say to my daughter I do not support her way of life,” said Rep. Sheryl Briggs, whose daughter is a lesbian. “I just had to finally confess to her exactly how I feel, and now I have no choice. I have to hit that button.”

The longest week

Monday: Econ midterm (survived)
Tuesday: 5 page paper for Sosc due (in progress)
Wednesday: Problem set + Midterm (in progress)
Thursday - Sunday: Scav hunt (Oh dear)

This is going to be a fun week