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What is going on?

Though spring quarter is off to a slow start, I have several questions to ask about the University and Chicago in general:

Why the hell is there snow? It is already April, and it's time to begin thawing out. I visited the school during April on my spring break, and it was almost 70 degrees. Right now my online weather sources say it will be somewhere in the 50s for the future. This is unacceptable for a city that alternates between freezing cold and sweltering heat. At the very least the freezing cold should not continue as a moderate cold for half of the entire year.

If there are so many people who want to take Intro to Microeconomics, why is it so easy? Is it because it is easy that they want to take it? The class offers little in the way of knowledge that couldn't be learned just by reading the book or taking an economics class in high school. It is not poorly taught, it is just not outstanding.

This was supposed to be the easy quarter, but it is turning out to be incredibly hard. At least the work load is currently manageable. Additionally, baseball is back. The Mets will win it all this year, end of story.