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The best playoff series to watch going onwards (NBA and NHL)

1. Philadelphia Flyers versus Pittsburgh Penguins - in state rivalry between two good teams, with Sidney Crosby thrown in? This is the best playoff series going on right now. Catch it before it ends, most likely with a Penguins win.

2. Chicago Bulls versus Boston Celtics - with Derrick Rose's debut and with the evenly split two games in Boston, this series has the possibility to be truly exciting. Nevermind the most recent game in Chicago, these two competitors will fight it out more than any other two.

3. Houston Rockets versus Portland Trailblazers - Watch Yao Ming try to get out of the first round. Him alone will make this series incredibly fun and intense to watch.

4. Calgary Flames versus Chicago Blackhawks - A tied series between two tied teams. This will be one of the most evenly matched playoff series, and it will definitely be a fast paced one.

5. Philadelphia 76ers versus Orlando Magic - The first game in this series had a thrilling conclusion. That alone justifies its rank.

6. New Jersey Devils versus Carolina Hurricanes - Carolina coming back from the brink makes this series have interest. It will be fun to see these two teams fight it out.

7. Los Angeles Lakers versus Utah Jazz - The Jazz aren't going down without a fight, making this series intense despite being an almost obvious win for the Lakers.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers versus Detroit Pistons - Lebron James makes this fun.

9. Miami Heat versus Atlanta Falcons - There's some possibility here, but not as much as the other series ahead of it.

10. New York Rangers versus Washington Capitals - Despite the lopsidedness of this series, the quality of the Rangers make it worth watching.

11. New Orleans Hornets versus Denver Nuggets -This will probably be an easy win for Denver, but Chris Paul against Chauncey Phillips makes for some intrigue.

12. Anaheim Ducks versus San Jose Sharks - High scoring and close games make this series a good playoff series.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves versus San Antonio Spurs - This is the only remaining series still ongoing.

14. Detroit Red Wings versus Columbus Blue Jackets - This series is over, but the Red Wings are Stanley Cup favorites.

15. Boston Bruins versus Montreal Canadiens - This series is over. Boston also a favorite for the Stanley Cup finals.

16. Vancouver Canucks versus St. Louis Blues - This series is over. Vancouver not as strong for the Stanley Cup as Boston or Detroit.


  1. I knew the Rockets will bounced back in Game 3. All they need to do is protect their home court and they will be okay. The win from Game 1 was so crucial so they should screw things up at home.

    I have great respect for the Blazers but they are still young but now lets leave destiny in the hands of the Rockets to full fill that long awaited dream.

    Hats off to Scola was his big performance tonight. Every shot which he nailed was huge and again I'm so happt he got the better of Aldridge. Please check out my match review, and what do you think about the prosoect on Game 4?


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