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Thoughts on judging at NJ Districts

1. Anything goes by better with friends.
2. I really don't care about my old high school team that much.
3. Rummy is an incredibly fun time waster.
4. I suck at chess.
5. I calculated that my per round fee was $50. That is, I was paid $150 to judge 3 rounds, one on Friday and two on Saturday. One of those rounds I was not even supposed to judge at first and was only thrown in because another judge had a conflict. This is fine as long as thought 1 is fulfilled.
6. My old high school has poor wireless internet security.
7. Debate is not as hard to judge as I thought it would be.
8. I never once squirreled, nor did I ever vote for the affirmative side on this topic.
9. Teachers never forget.
10. Spring break is far too short.