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How to Get Your Money's Worth at an All You Can Eat Buffet

These are apocryphal tips for getting your money's worth at a buffet, in no particular order:

1. Go for the expensive foods, that is avoid bread, vegetables and pastas and go for meat, meat meat. Beef, then seafood (not fish), then pork, then chicken, then fish is the order, though clearly if something is rarer it's more expensive. If you're a vegetarian or have dietary restrictions clearly this needs to be modified. Actually, if you're a vegetarian you probably shouldn't be eating at an all you can eat buffet.

2. Do not starve yourself beforehand, because you will feel full sooner. Do not pig out before either for obvious reasons. Eat a normal breakfast but a light lunch if you're going for dinner, or a light breakfast if you're going for lunch.

3. Get all of your food first and eat very quickly once you get there, however. You want to beat your stomach's feeling of fullness.

4. Drink as little as possible to make more room in your stomach.

5. Take as long as you need there. More time = more food eaten.

6. Eat with others, as this will tend to make you eat more.

7. Never make your plate look like it's not full, so that you'll feel less full and eat more.