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Thoughts on judging at NJ Districts

1. Anything goes by better with friends.
2. I really don't care about my old high school team that much.
3. Rummy is an incredibly fun time waster.
4. I suck at chess.
5. I calculated that my per round fee was $50. That is, I was paid $150 to judge 3 rounds, one on Friday and two on Saturday. One of those rounds I was not even supposed to judge at first and was only thrown in because another judge had a conflict. This is fine as long as thought 1 is fulfilled.
6. My old high school has poor wireless internet security.
7. Debate is not as hard to judge as I thought it would be.
8. I never once squirreled, nor did I ever vote for the affirmative side on this topic.
9. Teachers never forget.
10. Spring break is far too short.

List of things to do over spring break that might not be accomplished

Things to do:

1. Finish the book Power and Protest by Jeremi Suri
2. Start and finish The New American Militarism by Andrew Bacevich
3. Send out a bunch of resumes to internships.
4. Start and finish Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault
5. Sleep a lot.
6. Memorize some coursework before next quarter begins.

Things done so far:

1. Finish the book Power and Protest by Jeremi Suri

Initial thoughts on March Madness

1. My Western region is perfect in the 2 brackets I did fill out.2. I regret not fully filling out bracket number 3. 3. I did not expect the failure of Wake Forest or West Virginia. 4. I regret not changing Illinois to Western Kentucky sooner for one of my brackets. 5. Until round two I was perfect on my finished Facebook bracket. 6. These tournament games have been among the best that I've seen. 7. All of these close games make for awesome television. 8. The best game thus far? Siena vs. Ohio State. Double overtime ftw.

Distress during finals week

Aside from the general hecticness of classes and finals there are always the stresses of finding work for the summer, signing up for classes next quarter, and failing at life in general. I will be attempting to reinstall and start playing Starcraft. There will be posts about that.
There will also be a new update (likely) about judging at the New Jersey NFL Districts qualifying tournament. This, combined with an attempt to navigate my way through classes for next quarter (and a math midterm on Wednesday), will take up all of my time ever.
But hey, at least actual classes are over, right?

Upon Leaving California, Three Conclusions

1. California is incredibly nice in terms of weather all the time. This is just true. Every single day is either good or at worst moderately okay. I'm sure this conclusion was obvious, but until now I had not visited California in a non-summer time period. It's nice when it's not summer too.

2. In-and-Out, while good, is still overrated. Their burgers are better than the average fast-food chain by a lot. However, they're not good enough to be considered "real" food (ie, edible every single day, multiple times per day).

3. I want to live in the Southwest when I grow up.

How to Get Your Money's Worth at an All You Can Eat Buffet

These are apocryphal tips for getting your money's worth at a buffet, in no particular order:

1. Go for the expensive foods, that is avoid bread, vegetables and pastas and go for meat, meat meat. Beef, then seafood (not fish), then pork, then chicken, then fish is the order, though clearly if something is rarer it's more expensive. If you're a vegetarian or have dietary restrictions clearly this needs to be modified. Actually, if you're a vegetarian you probably shouldn't be eating at an all you can eat buffet.

2. Do not starve yourself beforehand, because you will feel full sooner. Do not pig out before either for obvious reasons. Eat a normal breakfast but a light lunch if you're going for dinner, or a light breakfast if you're going for lunch.

3. Get all of your food first and eat very quickly once you get there, however. You want to beat your stomach's feeling of fullness.

4. Drink as little as possible to make more room in your stomach.

5. Take as long …