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The most amazing player in college football right now

Being a successful player in the NFL is much harder than being one in Division I FBS football. After all, plenty of players who were great in the college game ended up being either underutilized (Troy Smith, Matt Leinhart) or just plain bad (Ryan Leaf). Becoming a good quarterback just from the highest division of college football is hard enough. For example, Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons was a standout rookie, but he had to come from a major conference program that had been nationally ranked during the year (albeit not considered incredibly strong). Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco is even more impressive, as he came from a Division I FCS program, which are generally less well known than Division I FBS football programs and considered weaker. Just to be invited to the NFL Combine, an important pre-draft scouting showcase, from a lower program is impressive enough. That is why Jason Boltus is currently the most amazing college player right now.

Boltus plays for Division III Hartwick College, a program that wasn't even known for being strong in its own conference. For him to be invited to the Combine, as well as having played in the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star showcase, illustrates just how unique he is. He is the only Division III player invited, and would be the first one drafted in over 18 years. Here's hoping he gets drafted: having just gotten this far is already quite impressive.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Exactly...Boltus is quite impressive. Hometown Syracuse (Baldwinsville,NY) is certainly routing for him at the combine and the draft. Great player, great guy, great quarterback!


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