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Superbowl Predictions

How will this year's Superbowl go down? It's really easy once the differences between the teams is pointed out:


This team's defense has been solid in the playoffs, but it's the dynamic duo of Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald that has powered over opponents in all of the Cardinals' playoff games. The offense needs to move quickly: once the Cardinals have a lead by halftime, even second half comebacks tend to fail. If the Cardinals are up by halftime, the game is done.


The defense has to be more than just a beast. They have to consistently pressure Warner and also be the only team in the playoffs to double team Larry Fitzgerald. Otherwise, the Cardinals will build up a quick lead and stay ahead. Ben Roethlisberger needs to find ways around the Cardinals defense as well, and it must be before Warner breaks through the Steelers defense. As long as they are ahead or close by halftime, the Steelers will likely win.

The Verdict: The game will be certain by the half, but for my money, it's the Cardinals for their first ever Superbowl victory.