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This show is slightly below the quality of the movie. Many of the tunes, while catchy and funny, are easily forgotten (with notable exceptions). The acting is excellent, and the plot is relatively entertaining, and there were plenty of moments of laugh out loud hilarity. However, the ending of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which was one of its highlights, was obviously not translated over to the Broadway musical: instead, a standard campy Broadway ending was given.

If you have never seen the movie, the play is entirely hilarious. After having seen the movie, however, there were parts that were cut out which would have added greatly to it that were missing. The new material is uniformly above average and good, but not quite as stellar as the original. Certain additions were outstanding. Overall, the musical was very good, but watching it for the first time was not nearly as good as watching the movie for the first time. If you have seen the movie, go into this play with lowered expectations. If you have never seen the movie, I heartily recommend Spamalot.