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Is 24 Any Good?

It's just like a soap opera but with more violence.

Or, more accurately, a soap opera for men. 10 years from now, we'll look back on it in the same way that we look back on Walker: Texas Ranger right now. It is merely a product of our time, but serves to do little besides act as a cultural artifact.

That, or the series might have simply jumped the shark. There are only so many times you can save the world. Maybe it's time Fox found another series to replace 24. Shows like 24, after all, tend to have a shorter natural lifespan than other types of shows. People can envision police forces, hospitals, families and groups of friends lasting a lifetime. There's only so many times you can save the world as a relatively regular human being.

So enjoy 24 while it lasts. It can't get better from here on out.