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The Great Debate: Captain America or Captain Planet?

Captain Planet:

Pros: Can control the elements. Is generally unable to lose in all of his adventures within a 30 minute time frame. Has 5 teenager squad for backup. Also, he has real superpowers.

Cons: Is damaged by mere pollution, and thus would probably die instantly in the real world. Also, his gang is more of a liability than an asset. He is also unlikely to kill people.

Captain America:

Pros: Physically strong. Not above killing individuals. Has a powerful shield and other superhero allies. Has actually come back from the dead.

Cons: Shield cannot stop tidal wave. Would probably be unwilling to kill teenagers. Would have difficulty fighting Captain Planet, who can fly.

The Verdict: In all honestly, it's the pollution thing that does it in. Captain Planet would probably die if some polluted mud got on him, or oil slicked water. Captain America would probably find a way to just cover him in grime, taking the win for the day.

Captain America by 5.


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Bro, Captain America's just a noob. Captain Planet would just wash his hands if he got mud on him and proceed to punch and fist mud monsters.


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