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The biggest disasters of 2008

Biggest disasters:

10. The New England Patriots. They ended up being one of the most legendary teams in history, but not for the reason they wanted to be. Instead of being considered the best team ever, they simply played the part of the bad guy in the inevitable movie about the Giants and Eli Manning.

09. The American response to the South Ossetian war. That is to say, nothing but a harshly worded statement, then $1 billion in economic aid. Everyone gets a bailout this year.

08. The New York Mets. It wasn't as bad as last year, because they didn't have a closer for the last month of the season and thus didn't have a huge chance of making it. Still, losing the division lead on the last day, and then watching as the Phillies won? Ouch.

07. The New York Yankees. After only making it to the first round of the playoffs last year and then firing Joe Torre, they fail to make the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. To top it off, they got to see Torre's team make it to the NLCS.

06. Liu Xiang. His ability to win a gold medal at the Olympics was considered integral to the Chinese. Then he pulled out of his first heat. Oops.

05. The University of Michigan football team. Worst record in school history? That counts.

04. Zimbabwe. Upon the collapse of the entire country, the possibility of seriously intervening militarily for humanitarian reasons makes this the worst country in the world to live in. The fact that the inflation rate is higher than the GDP and that cholera now devastates the population doesn't help.

03. Tibetan protesters. For a brief moment, Tibetan independence was cool again and a popular cause. Then everyone watched Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals.

02. President Bush. The best part of his year thus far was being able to dodge shoes. That's a very bad highlight.

01. The collapse of the world's financial markets. Really, what else?