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Documentary Review: Crawford

The website, primarily used for streaming television shows and movies (both popular and niche), has taken on the new role of debuting a documentary about the town of Crawford, Texas. The place best known as President Bush's vacation home is portrayed in an interesting light, as a variety of citizens and the changes brought about by the arrival of Bush and all of the accompanying media attention.

The realization that even towns with the greatest support of the president have had their lives completely altered by his policies is not new: however, the portrayal of Bush's supposed hometown, a place where unique protests (especially by Cindy Sheehan) have thrust the town into an unwanted spotlight, illustrates both the good and bad sides of fame.

Ultimately, this tale of attention being brought to small town America from the far reaches of the planet helps to highlight both what life is like in these towns and the changes that the Bush White House have brought to us all.