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On the Recent California Supreme Court Decision Legalizing Gay Marriage

It is a relief to see that common sense and reason prevail in the real world, as the California Supreme Court legalized gay marriage by striking down the California Defense of Marriage Act, a deceptively named piece of legislation whose sole goal was to reinforce prejudices and somehow make people who felt that gays were icky were being kept in check somehow. This was obviously a step in the right direction for civil liberties in the United States. Though 60% of California oppose gay marriage (but oddly enough, not civil unions which give exactly the same rights), such an opposition should not prevent individuals from receiving rights that every other citizen has. While it is doubtful that this court case will put to rest the arguments on the topic of gay marriage, there is hope that this decision can finally allow people to see that barring their own prejudicial emotions there is absolutely no reason to bar gay marriage from occurring.

To start with, the California guaranteed all indi…