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Reaction to "Aging and Gay, and Facing Prejudice in Twilight"

There has been less discrimination against homosexuals in today’s modern society, but those gains only come in areas with relatively young populations. This is because generally speaking, the younger the people, the more receptive they are to new ideas. So it doesn’t seem very surprising at all that one place where homosexuals still face strong discrimination is in the nursing homes of this country, where the population is likely to be among the oldest in the nation.

This generation in the nursing homes would obviously be more prone to anti-homosexuality. They grew up over 50 years ago, right before the baby boom. American society was much more conservative back then, with a relatively strict set of moral standards that could not be deviated from. Homosexuality was treated as a psychological disorder, and state government agencies even sponsored films about the dangers of homosexuality. It is thus no surprise that this generation would have anti-homosexual tendencies.

What is more distu…

Justice Maybe Through the ICC

It is very easy to condemn the actions going on in Darfur. It is very hard, however, to affect change in that region of the Sudan at all. Very few actions can be taken to alleviate the suffering of those individuals who are in the region or to punish those causing death and genocide. The idea that the International Criminal Court can effectively bring about any punishment is unlikely, but their job is absolutely necessary.

Before going on, I would like to preface this journal with a statement of regret over how our country has not yet joined the ICC. This is despite the fact that the ICC is even willing to make accommodations so that America can overrule certain individuals that the ICC wants to arrest who are US citizens. This just shows that there is no plausible reason for the United States to actually resist ICC membership, which because we are not a part of, puts us in an elite category of nations that includes such wondrous states like Zimbabwe.

The court, however, still has no en…