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News Report: AIDS Vaccine Fails

A recent clinical human trial of an AIDS vaccine made by Merck failed to prevent HIV, and instead might have increased the risk of getting AIDS by vaccine recipients. The study found that among 914 male volunteers who received the drug, 49 got HIV, while among 922 male volunteers with a placebo, 33 got HIV. While about two dozen groups are pursuing an AIDS vaccine, the one in the recent trial was the only one being tested and produced by Merck, and only one of two that has going into major clinical trials.There are two main ways to produce a viable vaccine for HIV/AIDS. The first method, which is more straightforward but also more difficult, is to get the body to produce antibodies that react to HIV. Another potential AIDS vaccine produced by the National Institute of Health follows that path. The second method requires getting a cellular reaction to occur after HIV attempts to infect cells. This cellular reaction would case infected cells to defeat HIV after an initial infection. The…

I, For One, Welcome Our Natural Disaster Overlords

Congratulations global warming skeptics. You’ve won. The world is yours, and the arguments of the global warming believers have fallen away. All of their predictions are wrong: sea levels will not rise, natural disasters will not occur with greater frequency, and global climate change will not harm any of us.Well, I’m being dishonest. Global warming skeptics haven’t won in the traditional sense. Rather, they’ve managed to cast enough doubt that no effective action has been taken against global warming, and the predictions of those who warned us are no longer predictions, they’re reality. As the sea levels rise, wiping island nations, as natural disasters flood through Mexico, the United States, Europe, China, Australia, and beyond, and as the loss of farmland, marine life, fisheries threatens our world’s basic ability to feed the population, everyone can thank those skeptics who’ve “won” the debate.So many times, these skeptics have called into question methodology. Never mind that th…