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The Best Haikus Ever Written

Sulfur in the sky
The smog makes it hard to see
As I cough and wheeze

Bear Attack
Oh god, please save me
It is going to eat me
I still want to live

There is a small fish
It swims around in the lake
Then it gets eaten

George W. Bush: The First Anti-Children President

It is a generally accepted rule of politics that that bills which help poor sick children at the expense of people who smoke cigarettes should become law. After all, smokers aren’t exactly the most powerful group on Capitol Hill, and hardly any politician is willing to take the risk of appearing to be anti-children. Our President, however, appears to be an avid risk taker, because apparently being painted as a person who hates sick children doesn’t bother him in the least bit. That’s exactly why Mr. Bush decided that now is the time to block the passage of the SCHIP bill, a measure designed to try and insure approximately 10 million kids without private insurance. The logic behind such a veto is baffling. Bush’s first initial justification for his veto of the SCHIP bill was to curb government expenditures. Some might find this puzzling, as Bush was the one who approved exorbitant subsidies for agriculture and has managed to run up billions prosecuting wars around the globe. Apparently…