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These Peripheral Devices Are So Stupid

The reason people play video games is to simulate real life. Now, this means that they want some degree of attachment away from reality. Obviously if you had to actually, you know, learn how to operate a controller that simulated a real gun perfectly just to play Doom, we wouldn't have one of the best selling games ever. That's why for console games, whose goal is to entertain you while you're lying on a couch in front of a TV, ease of use of controllers is important.
Well, apparently some new developers aren't getting that message. While bad game input devices have littered history (Power Glove, anyone?), some newer developers (and some older ones who've been in this business for a long time) still haven't learned their lesson yet: too many of the peripheral devices released have too limited purposes.
An example of a relatively useful peripheral would be the DDR pad. Yes, it only works for one type of game, but it works for the entire genre. A bad example that's coming out soon, however, are the different instruments for Rock Band. Guitar Hero's use of a guitar peripheral makes sense because the guitar could simulate a bass as well, but having drums, guitars, and microphones all bundled with one game is going to be extremely expensive, not to mention as burdensome as the Steel Battalion add-on.
Worse still are Nintendo with their Wii add-ons. Do we really need a case so that the wiimote looks like a gun? Link's sword? These aren't items that help game play in any way, and all they do is make your product look like a cheap gimmick.
So lay off all of these peripheral devices. They're only hurting your product, and they're damaging the essence of video games.


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I do believe you are wrong. The devices are not for everyone. Some people want the devices. And, it is only those people who will buy them. And why take away from those people's enjoyment of the game. Duck hunt would not have been the awesome game that it was without the light gun. In a similar fashion, some people want to hold a sword and a shield while they play Zelda. The peripherals are usually not even made by the parent company anyway, they are third-party add ons. So lay off it, it doesn't matter. Clearly, if the devices exist, there is a demand for it. Therefore, someone wants to use it. So, they are not hurting it at all, because the people that don't want it, they just say, that's silly, I would never buy that, but it doesn't actually hurt their thinking of the product. They just don't care to buy it. What you are saying is like saying, they shouldn't make children's games or something, just because something is made for a system that most people wouldn't buy, does not mean that it ought not be made, and it doesn't mean that the people who don't want to buy it will, in some strange way, dislike the system because it has a strange attachment for it.


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