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On Darfur

By now, most of you are aware of the genocide occurring in Darfur. There is no excuse for this kind of atrocity by the Sudanese government. It is morally wrong.

While the US government might not be able to do much, and while we wait for the UN Peacekeeping force to become fully deployed, we ought to do our most as private citizens. Visit today to help.

These Peripheral Devices Are So Stupid

The reason people play video games is to simulate real life. Now, this means that they want some degree of attachment away from reality. Obviously if you had to actually, you know, learn how to operate a controller that simulated a real gun perfectly just to play Doom, we wouldn't have one of the best selling games ever. That's why for console games, whose goal is to entertain you while you're lying on a couch in front of a TV, ease of use of controllers is important.
Well, apparently some new developers aren't getting that message. While bad game input devices have littered history (Power Glove, anyone?), some newer developers (and some older ones who've been in this business for a long time) still haven't learned their lesson yet: too many of the peripheral devices released have too limited purposes.
An example of a relatively useful peripheral would be the DDR pad. Yes, it only works for one type of game, but it works for the entire genre. A bad exampl…

I Think Americans Are Sick of Scandal

How many times has the Republican Party been caught in scandal? From Tom DeLay to Mark Foley and now to Larry Craig, questionable conduct has been second nature for the Republicans in public. Even more House Representatives like Randy Cunningham, and now another Senator, David Vitter, might come under scrutiny. It seems almost as if the GOP is constantly bombarded with a new scandal daily.

But are the American people sick of it? They were righteously outraged when the GOP was still in power, and it could be viewed as the majority party stealing out of Washington. Nowadays, the Republican Party seems to be on a wide retreat, after losing a 12 year control of the House and losing the Senate (although barely on the latter). Their candidates have no realistic shot of becoming President with a few exceptions.

Constant bombardment of a single message tends to weaken the power of that message. When the conservatives continually attacked Democrats by calling them liberals, soon enough t…