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On Civics Classes

There are many required classes that students hate. For example, my high school offered a course called "Career Pathways", which was designed to basically teach you how to type and write a research paper. This half semester course wasn't liked by anyone because it didn't offer anything of extreme value, as most people could already type, and because it was designed to mess up people's schedules. Fortunately, the class requirement was dropped this year, and hopefully such a course will never have to be taken again.

Unfortunately, this highlights an odd set of priorities for American school systems. After all, the Career Pathways course was under the business department of our school, and was taught by business teachers. Coursework prepared students for what amounted to white-collar office jobs with excel spreadsheets and research on a career. It wasn't just that the course was boring: the very purpose of the class was to prepare you to be an office worker. Why?