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On Space Travel

Space travel must become the new goal of the 21st century. Not the kind of travel that happened in the last century, where Americans simply sent missions to the moon and then forgot about space entirely, but a new kind of space travel, one that ordinary people partake in and that private companies help fund. Our generation needs true commercial space flight.

Why? It's because commercial space flight paves the way for sciences and technologies that will lead to interstellar space flight. Humanity right now is limited by distance: while we can travel around the world in a matter of hours, the farthest that people can feasibly reach off of this planet would be to the moon. Commercial space flight opens up the possibilities of tourism, faster travel, and cheaper technologies that would allow people to finally leave the relative confinement of our orbit and travel throughout the solar system. Funding for new technologies will make such space travel cheaper.

It would also help further NASA's goals. Currently, NASA is limited in its operations by the fact that it can only make conventional spacecraft. With commercial spaceflight, such craft become easy to build, and NASA's funding can focus more on science and new technologies for traveling out of this solar system.

Spaceflight is humanity's future. With it, we can go across the galaxies and ensure human survival for almost countless generations. Without it, we are all doomed to die on this planet, without any hope for a true future.