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Presidential Predictions

Serious change is needed for the White House. The election next November will be critical to setting world agenda for the 21st century and assuring America’s relevance on the world stage. If we pick correctly, America could be assured another 230 years of success as a nation and as a world power. If we pick incorrectly, then the nation could go the way of France and become an irrelevant, strike ridden and Muslim hosing nation. In this crowded field of candidates, very few hold the qualifications to truly lead this country. Some of the clearly able leaders have had proven track records, like McCain and Kucinich. Others shouldn’t be in the race at all, like Tom Tancredo or Rudy Giuliani. And while I have no effect on the outcome of the elections, based on my unqualified ability to judge candidates, the two candidates most qualified to be the major party’s nominations for the November general elections should be Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

Nobody likes Hillary Clinton. This is partially because men think that she actually isn’t a woman, and because women who don’t support her enjoy being in the kitchen. There are very few legitimate reasons to actually hate her because of her capabilities as an elected official, and one of them has little to no relevance on the world stage. However, with the possible exception of Bill Richardson, who is completely unelectable on the national stage, no candidate in the Democratic Party stands as qualified as Hillary. Hillary is the most electable candidate who actually has a real track record, unlike Obama. In terms of qualifications, she is the only one fit for the job, with the benefit of her husband being an advisor. The biggest flaw that everyone hated about the Clinton presidency, sexual immorality, would instantly disappear, however, because the number of people who actually want to sleep with Hillary Clinton are 0.

On the Republican side, every candidate is unqualified for the job of leading the nation save two, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Of these two, Romney is more likely to be a success based both on his background and history. Romney knows how to compromise as the Republican governor of a heavily Democratic state. In terms of effectiveness in the White House, not a single other candidate would be able to match him. History has also shown us that being governor almost always leads to excellent presidencies (if you ignore Carter).

Of these two candidates, either could win and not screw up this country. Both would be able to set dynamic policies that sustain America, but the best one for the job ends up being Romney. There are three reasons. Firstly, Hillary winning would result in yet another situation where Congress and the Presidency are controlled by the same party. Another situation like the last 7 years would be disaster for this country. With Romney in charge, however, compromise and effective government will be almost assured. An America with Romney as President is an America with a bright future.