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Gender is Nothing But a Ruse

There is a sinister threat to the freedom of individuals everywhere. It comes in the form of a societally enforced norm. Individuals are forced to conform to the ideals or suffer extreme consequences, such as complete alienation, exclusion from the world, and violence. This forced conformity comes in the false idea that two separate cultural genders exist.

To clarify, no one is contesting that two different biological sexes exist. Nobody is saying that people aren’t biologically different. However, the belief that this biological difference means that there should be a cultural difference is harmful. It is a ruse, designed to entrap individuals and force their mindsets to conform to an idealistic notion of what a person is. For clarification throughout the article, the different sexes will be referred to as male and female, while the different genders will be referred to as man and woman.

The fact that society enforces two different genders is wrong. Its mechanism for enforcement feeds a cycle of entrapment. Individuals are forced to conform to the ideals of a gender through their actions. Every time any individual undertakes an action, they are attempting to reinforce their gender. All of the countless stupid to test whether an individual is a true man or a woman are designed to force individuals to undertake certain actions. A belief that people aren’t “real men” or “real women” unless they do what society tells them feeds the societal ruse that enslaves humanity.

The ruse has inherently harmful properties. Not only are individuals forced to undertake actions that they don’t want to, their freedom is limited in other ways. They aren’t allowed their full range of rights simply because they are assigned a gender. A belief in different genders also allows the possibility of not only sexism but also the various harmful aspects of labeling people as either men or women. The harms of this can be seen in essentially every account of history since before the 1900’s.

The obvious solution is the removal of both genders as different and the institution of a single gender. Better yet, the idea of a gender should be abolished altogether. The line drawn is extremely arbitrary: it would be as if we assigned people a different label in life depending on whether they had tonsils or not, and then made them participate in society completely differently. Only by a total removal of gender can the harms of the societal ruse be removed, and true individual freedom is allowed to survive.


  1. Who the heck is "enforcing genders" on our children? Far as I can tell, society is pretty open on this issue. The main place I see gender stereotypes is in the TV ads. They're still marketing dolls to girls and Transformers to boys. Most ad firms are pretty liberal too. They've got no "conservative" agenda to maintain the gender traditions; they just want to make money, and it just so happens that kid's preferences are pretty stereotypical. I didn't teach my son to be grossed out by Fairytopia commercials, and I only wished my firstborn daughter would have asked for racetracks and Frisbees for Christmas. Wasn't my idea to have to play game after game of Pretty Pretty Princess with her!


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