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Gender is Nothing But a Ruse

There is a sinister threat to the freedom of individuals everywhere. It comes in the form of a societally enforced norm. Individuals are forced to conform to the ideals or suffer extreme consequences, such as complete alienation, exclusion from the world, and violence. This forced conformity comes in the false idea that two separate cultural genders exist.To clarify, no one is contesting that two different biological sexes exist. Nobody is saying that people aren’t biologically different. However, the belief that this biological difference means that there should be a cultural difference is harmful. It is a ruse, designed to entrap individuals and force their mindsets to conform to an idealistic notion of what a person is. For clarification throughout the article, the different sexes will be referred to as male and female, while the different genders will be referred to as man and woman.The fact that society enforces two different genders is wrong. Its mechanism for enf…