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New Jersey to Lose Fair Elections Through Electronic Voting

Goodbye, freedom. With the advent of an electronic system of voting in all 21 New Jersey counties, the chances of a safe and secure vote are gone. The reliability of a paper backup and the ability to do a recount will be nullified with currently available electronic voting machines. Furthermore, the safety of the ballet box can no longer be guaranteed, since currently available technologies can be easily hacked.

The problem with electronic voting machines is that they have no paper trail. There exists no way of checking to see whether the vote we cast actually counted the way we cast it. With no way to double check, the reliability of the elections comes into question. How can we know for sure that x number of people voted for the candidate? Where can we go to verify?

But even worse is the fact that such votes are easily tampered with. Several tests have shown that available voting machines could be tampered with by someone who has the basic knowledge of a computer programmer. One study even found that the voting machine could be opened with the standard key to open a hotel mini-bar. Vote stealing software can literally be created within a minute. With all of these problems, why are we deciding to use electronic voting?

The end result from all of this is an unsafe and unreliable election. Electronic voting is obviously the way of the future, but the form of voting that should occur is one with a paper trail. Better yet, electronic voting should allow you to print out your ballot, which you then hand in. Why anyone would prefer our current method is a mystery to me.


  1. I don't know if your representatives reply to letters, but it may be a good idea to express your displeasure with there being no paper trail, by writing or at least emailing them if you haven't.

    Electronic voting machines, and ones that don't print paper the voter can see, are a scam that will one day destroy democracy -if they haven't tampered with it already...

    (PS Heard you were the 99,999,999th site on the web. Sorry you just missed the big 100 million.)


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