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I Hate You People and Your Lack of Outrage

You people are pathetic. The US government has just taken away your right to a trial and you don't care? Where is your sense of moral outrage? Don't give me the crappy excuse that none of you have heard about it. You've had time to catch the news somehow in between two days ago and now. None of you have realized that the right to habeas corpus is gone?

Do you not realize that any one of you, regardless of being an American citizen or not, can now be held indefinitely for absolutely no reason at all? It's not hyperbole. It's fact. There is no legal defence that you have left against government agents coming to your house and literally taking you away forever.

Does no one care? Does anyone really want a right to a fair trial? I don't get why people just don't care. Do you think that your daily lives will matter if at any moment they can end because of the whim of some person? We're not even talking about the whim of some president here, we're talking about any local police officer who thought that you looked at them the wrong way. We're talking about the loss of your status as citizens, as human beings.

Don't celebrate. Don't bother justifying the Military Commissions Act, the newest Republican assault in the War Against America. 900 years of common law, 900 years of progress from the Magna fucking Carta has been lost with 1 single bill.

Why are you still reading this? Why aren't you expressing your outrage at our local Senators and Representative to the House? Here, I'll give you their phone numbers. Tell them why they've just committed a grave sin against the American people:

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen
(202) 225-5034

Senator Bob Menendez
(202) 224-4744

Senator Frank Lautenberg
(202) 224-3224

I know I will.