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New Jersey to Lose Fair Elections Through Electronic Voting

Goodbye, freedom. With the advent of an electronic system of voting in all 21 New Jersey counties, the chances of a safe and secure vote are gone. The reliability of a paper backup and the ability to do a recount will be nullified with currently available electronic voting machines. Furthermore, the safety of the ballet box can no longer be guaranteed, since currently available technologies can be easily hacked.

The problem with electronic voting machines is that they have no paper trail. There exists no way of checking to see whether the vote we cast actually counted the way we cast it. With no way to double check, the reliability of the elections comes into question. How can we know for sure that x number of people voted for the candidate? Where can we go to verify?

But even worse is the fact that such votes are easily tampered with. Several tests have shown that available voting machines could be tampered with by someone who has the basic knowledge of a computer programmer. One stu…

NJ Ruling Does Nothing for Republicans

It would appear that the Republican Party is grasping at straws. They are seeking any possible reason to try and rally their conservative base. The recent ruling in the New Jersey Supreme Court that gay couples have the same legal and financial rights as heterosexual ones is their latest attempt to try and garner some votes from their demoralized supporters. It’s not going to work this time, unlike in 2004, because the issue has already been played out, and because it’s seen clearly as a ploy by the Republicans to simply gather more votes, not to do anything on the issue.

The biggest reason that this issue isn’t going to work is because the court actually stopped short of getting into the “gay marriage” issue by not mandating the state give that title to unions for gay couples. This means that the ruling doesn’t necessarily offend anyone in particular. In fact, very few social conservatives will be that concerned, since bigger issues like the war in Iraq and health care play on their …

I Hate You People and Your Lack of Outrage

You people are pathetic. The US government has just taken away your right to a trial and you don't care? Where is your sense of moral outrage? Don't give me the crappy excuse that none of you have heard about it. You've had time to catch the news somehow in between two days ago and now. None of you have realized that the right to habeas corpus is gone?

Do you not realize that any one of you, regardless of being an American citizen or not, can now be held indefinitely for absolutely no reason at all? It's not hyperbole. It's fact. There is no legal defence that you have left against government agents coming to your house and literally taking you away forever.

Does no one care? Does anyone really want a right to a fair trial? I don't get why people just don't care. Do you think that your daily lives will matter if at any moment they can end because of the whim of some person? We're not even talking about the whim of some president here, we're talking ab…