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Don't Forget About the UN

More than 60 years ago a bold plan was set out to form a new organization to foster international cooperation. This was the United Nations, what was and remains the best hope of peace and collaboration between its 191 member nations today. Although the term started out to simply stand for the Allied Forces in World War II, it has taken on a new definition as the world’s only organization to peacefully work out international issues.
To remove the UN would not cause catastrophe, at least not immediately, this much is for sure. However, it would symbolize an end to trying to reach a cooperative agreement with the entire world in concurrence. Without the UN, there is no hope of all of the world’s governments coming to a consensus on international policy without constant and costly warfare. In short, there is no better solution to creating an international organization of the world’s countries than the UN, and there never will be.
Any organization with less power than the UN, which itself is nearly powerless without willing donations from its member states, would simply be unable to accomplish anything at all. And although the UN itself can do very little compared to a sovereign nation, another international organization with more power than the UN would be met with angry responses. No nation is willing to relinquish more power than they already do to the UN, and currently the only powers they relinquish are to follow its charter and support Resolutions that the country likes. No other organization, either with more or less power, would be able to do anything that the UN can right now.
There is a growing demand in the world for the United States to ignore the UN entirely, after the fiasco with embezzlement scandals and the disagreement over Iraq. Those people should note two things: first, that this was the one of the only scandals throughout the UN’s existence or in recent times, and secondly, that the UN was right when it came to Iraq. People fail to remember that the reason war was declared was because Iraq had purportedly failed in cooperating with UN inspectors in a search for weapons of mass destruction. To this day none have been found, and the search has stopped.
There is a bigger issue if the UN were to be removed, however. What would happen to the countries that currently relied on UN aid through organizations like UNICEF? It’d be difficult to get that funding from individual nations; many would see the money formerly paid in dues as an easy place to reduce the budget. International aid to developing countries would plummet, and entire regions of the earth would be plunged into poverty and anarchy from lack of help.
The world still needs and will continue to need the UN. Despite anything else that may occur in the future, including a world where new superpowers arise and old ones continue, there will still be a need for a place where the world’s nations can gather together and work towards humanity’s embitterment. Because there is no better replacement or solution, there is no reason to remove the UN.