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North Dakota Ironically Bans Debate on Intelligent Design

In an ironic twist that undermines what most advocates of ID are saying, North Dakota has taken the radical step of banning possible debate on the subject of Intelligent Design.

How? Well, it's relatively simple. North Dakota, like the rest of the United States, participates in high school forensics activities, such as speech and debate. There are several different events held across the nation, one of these being Public Forum Debate. The resolution for the month of January, 2006 happens to be Resolved: In the United States, public high school science curriculum should include the study of the Theory of Intelligent Design.

North Dakota, however, is not debating this resolution. Apparently, since evolution isn't taught in some schools, those school administrators felt that debating this topic would be bad for their students. As such, the entire state has banned the resolution.

What I find ironic in all of this, however, is that such an action goes against what people who advocate Intelligent Design say themselves. After all, one of their main goals is to teach kids "both sides of the debate." It's completely inappropriate, then, to actually ban debate on a topic dealing directly with Intelligent Design.

It seems to me that those who advocate ID don't really want kids to learn about their theory, but rather accept it as truth without question. Hypocrites.