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Global Warming Finally Hits

It's the end of human existence as we know it, and the new age has brought its own environmental problems. Doubt about the occurence of global warming are ending, despite what Bush would say.

Global warming has already displaced its first victims, several hundred islanders in the Pacific. Recent unusually strong storms have caused the islanders to move inland to avoid constant flooding.

Sea levels in the world are expected to rise by 3 meters by the time 2100 roles around. While that might not seem like a lot, that's enough to flood many major coastal cities, such as New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Hong Kong among others.

Other more nearby predictions include the complete disappearance of Mount Kilamonjaro's snow at its peak, and the submergance of tropical islands, which have already happened.

At this point, action needs to be taken. Even if the Kyoto Protocol seems broken, Bush hasn't offered an alternative. He needs to either start laying out his new plan or shut up and use Kyoto.


  1. I think we're feeling its effects but when global warming finally hits people will die and cities will be flooded. Damn you bush.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Oh give me a break, you know for sure that global warming is true. The theory of Global Warming is nothing more than a theory that has not been proven.

  3. Once again, we have another anonymous poster who doesn't realize the meaning of the word "theory" in science.

    A theory is a proposed explanation for events, yes, but in science it also must have solid evdence that corresponds with the theory. Above all it must be disprovable.

    Nobody in the scientific community is arguing that global warming doesn't exist, they're arguing over it's speed.

  4. Canada, a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol has not met its goals yet.
    It's industrial emissions, like many other nations who signed up, have actually gotten worse. Bush, on the advice of a panel of scientists, did not sign because he knew that the goals were not achievable and he was right. Kyoto, while noble in nature, is a failure and has made many countries that signed up look like a bunch of empty promises. The USA, BTW, does adhere to most of the Kyoto guidelines even though it never signed up.

  5. I like how people wanted to blame Bush for not signing the Kyoto accord, however, it was also voted on in the senate and it didn't have the support anyways. I am also not so sure we can blame Bush for Global warming.

    The Kyoto agreement would be almost impossible for the USA to achieve if Canada hasn't me its goals either.

  6. Uh huh Anonymous.
    Maybe if you lived around the north you would see the effects of Global Warming first hand.

    The weather now is wacky as hell.

    First, it's gone from snow to the ocassional sleet and ice rain.

    Now? Hell, we rarely have the typical snow day. Now we're almost always iced in if we have off.


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