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Who Needs A Military When There's McDonalds?

It is a well established fact that as of this writing, no two countries that have a McDonald's in them have gone to war since that McDonald's opened. This theory has stood true in the Middle East, South America, and other conflict heavy regions such as the former Soviet Union. Historical enemies, such as France and Germany, or China and Japan, have yet to go to war after McDonald's introduced them to fattening American foods. The key word in that last sentence was American.

The greatest strength America has lies not with its military power, but rather with its economic and cultural strength. The way to peace throughout the world and excellent foreign relations isn't to fight a "War on Terrorism," but to instead promote US culture everywhere to make other countries more receptive to the US message. If they begin to consume the US culture, they will be more receptive to US ideas.

The US should turn its attention away from using military might for its foreign policy to using its economic might to make the people of countries like the US. If the Cubans began getting Big Macs, they too might turn towards democracy.


  1. Have you noticed that many middle eastern leaders hate the secularism and sexuality associated with American culture?

  2. Franchise operations like McDonalds or Burger King do a lot of marketing research. Before a site is approved, it must be potentially profitable, culturally acceptable and relatively "secure" from mob violence.
    It's no accident that these operations are only located in countries that have reasonably stable governments.
    It is not our culture that sells itself through these icons of American enterprise but rather the subject country's own established stability and level of acceptance already there that is the deciding factor.

  3. i fucking hate mcdonalds, they're all capitalist pigs. i bet they're homophobic too.

  4. pink,
    Yeah, but those french fries are soooo goood! Supersize? Hell yes!
    I don't know about homophobic but I'm sure that they would not turn down good money from whatever source.

  5. Actually when I was in Saudi Arabia they had MedMacs. I suppose it They ahd the same crap hamburgers and french fries.


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