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Miers Withdraws From Supreme Court Nomination

When the world tells you that you're inexperienced, you expect a huge battle over your appointment to the Supreme Court.

When you yourself don't think you're qualified, you withdraw.

Thank God that Harriet Miers realized the error of her ways.

It pretty went without saying that a combination of Democrats, Republicans, non-partisan and partisan people have been scrutinizing Miers record closely. It's clear now that she was not only inexperienced for the job (no judging experience), but not of the intellectual caliber (one researcher called her opinions "not even at the level of pedestrian") to sit on the Supreme Court. Add in divisions in the Conservative Party, and Miers lost.

Cheers to the Democrats for a well played game. By telling the President that any other candidate "would face a bitter battle" from the minority party, they managed to get the President to nominate the candidate that would be rejected by all sides.


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