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Miers Withdraws From Supreme Court Nomination

When the world tells you that you're inexperienced, you expect a huge battle over your appointment to the Supreme Court.

When you yourself don't think you're qualified, you withdraw.

Thank God that Harriet Miers realized the error of her ways.

It pretty went without saying that a combination of Democrats, Republicans, non-partisan and partisan people have been scrutinizing Miers record closely. It's clear now that she was not only inexperienced for the job (no judging experience), but not of the intellectual caliber (one researcher called her opinions "not even at the level of pedestrian") to sit on the Supreme Court. Add in divisions in the Conservative Party, and Miers lost.

Cheers to the Democrats for a well played game. By telling the President that any other candidate "would face a bitter battle" from the minority party, they managed to get the President to nominate the candidate that would be rejected by all sides.

Let's Examine Good Writing Skills

Alright, I know there's a lot of people out on the Internet. I'm sure that hundreds of millions are out there. Some of these people think that they're qualified to be writers. They're wrong. Internet writing inherently is degraded by a few factors:

1.) Anonymity. This makes people think they can say anything and get away with it.

2.) Procrastination. Most people writing stuff don't plan beforehand and are simply making stuff up. (I suffer a lot from this one).

3.) Laziness. There is very, very little fact checking on the Internet.

So what does this lead to? It creates websites where libel* is rampant.

So let's examine an article gone wrong, and then compare it to one that's gone right.
The article in question.

Every week, my favorite magazine, Sports Illustrated has an incredible section called This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse.

Children, the comma is your friend. Note the missing one in this sentence. On the Internet, since persuasive speaking really can'…

Conservative Media: Destroying America

It's no secret that Rupert Murdoch is evil. He has managed to offend both Democrats and Republicans. For the Democrats, he is the epitome of white male conservative idiocy (in their own words). For the Republicans, his shows on FOX push the borderline between Sesame Street and Paris Hilton's sex tape (not in their own words). It's no doubt that he's a menace to society overall. That's why him and his neocon media conglomerate machine must be stopped for the good of mankind before it wipes out the United States democracy.

To begin with, Fox News, or as Jon Stewart would put it, "finally, a news channel for middle aged white men." Now, I have no problem with the conservative media machine. Really, I don't. I don't mind the occasional Scarborough country since the only way to fight one of your enemies is to know what they're thinking. Furthermore, they occasionally make sense. Fox News, however, is just needlessly evil.

Here's the thing: News i…