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Both Major American Parties are Hypocrites

Do you see a problem with today's American politics? We have Democrats and Republicans, that's the problem. The two political parties in America today are the problem. Both are hypocrites, weak, slanderous, and unable to help the American people.

Now, let's start with something. First, the Republicans have taken a GREAT deal of time pointing out how Democrats are hypocrites. What they want you to ignore, however, is that if the Democrats are hypocrites, then the Republicans must be as well. How so? Because the Republicans take the opposite view to the Democratic side.

Look at it this way. Let's look at a semi-recent example, Terri Schiavo. Here's the thing: Democrats and many were in favor of the husband pulling the plug because it was supposedly his right. The Republicans came out and bashed them for it, pointing out how "people take every precaution for death-row inmates but can't look to the case of an innocent human being." The problem is that the statement shows us that the Republicans are in favor of saving human life while killing other human life. There goes your pro-life platform.

And frankly, the Democrats are no better. They claim freedom of speech while trying to wipe out political incorrectness. How is that freedom of speech? Why can't I just say businessman instead of businessperson? How about starting by treating the root of the problem instead of the frilly side effects?

Even beyond that, let's look at the motives behind certain actions by the Democrats and Republicans. It's not your rights or government, it's how much money corporations and other lobbyists pay to the two parties that determines your life. Why else are the people footing 80% of the tax bill while companies only foot 20%? Do the people have that much more money? No. What's going on?

Republicans are advocating a system where there are drastic slashes to welfare and social programs. They do so in the name of "the money is being wasted anyway on booze, and the best way to be helped is to help yourself." Their true motive? Letting corporations cash in on you. Once these government funded social programs are gone, where do you think you're going to turn for stuff like Medicare? That's right, businesses. The problem is that no taxes will be cut, unless it's for businesses to "help them provide better services for people" (read: because they fund our campaign warchests). Any amount that would have been lost to government waste would be made up for in full and then some thanks to the need for profit.

And don't even get me started on the Democrats. Their goal is to provide you "rights" through obfuscticating legal red tape that makes it impossible for you to do anything and once again allow corporations to exploit the same red tape for their own purposes. While the Republicans openly steal everything from you, the Democrats are slowly sapping it away through legal paperwork and obscurity.

What we need these two parties from ever running from any public office ever again. We don't need a Republican or Democratic party: we parties that actually have real non-contradictory policies and beliefs. And neither the Democrats nor Republicans can offer that these days.


  1. I agree the democrats and the republicans have failed us. and did it seem like there were a few too many similarities between kerry and bush during the debates.


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