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Both Major American Parties are Hypocrites

Do you see a problem with today's American politics? We have Democrats and Republicans, that's the problem. The two political parties in America today are the problem. Both are hypocrites, weak, slanderous, and unable to help the American people.

Now, let's start with something. First, the Republicans have taken a GREAT deal of time pointing out how Democrats are hypocrites. What they want you to ignore, however, is that if the Democrats are hypocrites, then the Republicans must be as well. How so? Because the Republicans take the opposite view to the Democratic side.

Look at it this way. Let's look at a semi-recent example, Terri Schiavo. Here's the thing: Democrats and many were in favor of the husband pulling the plug because it was supposedly his right. The Republicans came out and bashed them for it, pointing out how "people take every precaution for death-row inmates but can't look to the case of an innocent human being." The problem is that the s…

For the Last Time, Free Speech is a Right Given At Birth

Nobody has the right to take away from whatever I want to say. That is the essence of free speech and the very first constitutional amendment to the United States. This right is not earned, it is natural right that is given to you at birth. You don't have to do anything to earn it, and nobody can ever take it away from you even if they want to. If they do, they're violating your rights. They leave their own rights to as many violations as you can think of.

Free speech is a difficult right to protect, however. The only way to do so is to exercise your own views. To protect free speech you must use free speech. Only once you use it is it impossible to take it away.

Trying to draw a "borderline" on free speech can never succeed in an American society. We are not Europe. We are not most of Asia. There is no worry about Nazis, ethnic tensions, or a dictator. This is part of the reason I believe the Patriot ACT to be unconstitutional. Allowing the FBI to monitor our activiti…