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Software Preview: Google Talk (Beta)

Let me begin by saying that Google is indeed trying to take over the world.

As of now, they have:

-A search engine for everything
-A usenet client
-A free email service
-A customized homepage
and now
-An instant messenger client

To clarify a few things, this isn't actually a new proprietary format. Rather, it's just a google client to connect to a Jabber IM server. Of course, that doesn't matter, because Google makes it work better anyway.

Only people with Gmail accounts can use the client at this time, and since it's so new buddy lists will be small. You can invite your gmail friends onto it, and chat with those already on your list.

The features are pretty simple. You can email contacts, and IM them. You can minimize IM windows easily, and if it is minimized, a popup will show up when new messages appear.

The greatest feature, however, is voice chat. It's seemless, lagless, and perfect. Once again simplicity makes things perfect. It works seemlessly with a microphone, and I can personally attest to its ease of use.

There are some problems, however. While you can check your inbox, I have yet to find a way to disable a popup when a new message arrives. You can't talk to more than 1 person at once. However, these are minor issues. In the end Google shows once again that it can take something that's been filled with useless trash and turn it back into the simple thing it once was. Google Talk will be the best IM client out there...if it gains users.


  1. did you steal this from roger?


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