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Randolph Girl, 16, Slain

A girl in Randolph Township, NJ was slain today.

Jennifer Parks, 16, was slain by Jonathan Zarate on Friday night. Mr. Zarate used his younger brother and another 16 year old to help him remove the body.

All were caught and Mr. Zarate stands on trial, but the loss of innocence to my hometown will never be repaired.

This wasn't some terrorist act. This wasn't people trying to exploit us. This wasn't video games. This was just random violence that doesn't belong anywhere.

To Randolph, and to all of us: I'm truly sorry. We can only hope to learn from all this.


  1. Wow ye this is as deep and emotional as you're ever gonna get. check out and garret lomauro's website I feel the same way about it. but I have a different take.


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